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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

 Maung Soe Thin is the boy in the white shirt.
“All right, time for vocabulary!” I gestured for my students to close their books.* Excited dismay rippled around the classroom as notebooks rustled shut. As we worked down the vocabulary list, many of the students faltered—but, as usual, one voice came through strong every time—too strong.

I turned around to see just what I expected: Maung Soe Thin (pronounced Maw-so-thay) at the back of the room, chin in hand, his notebook propped open on his desk!

Putting on a stern face, I pointed at the offending pages. Quick as a wink, the notebook flapped shut, and Maung Soe Thin gave me his best smile. But it was too late. I held out my hand. “I’ll take that, thank you.”

The seventh-grader contorted his face. “Teacher!” But his pleadings were of no avail. His notebook sat on the rim of the chalkboard for the remainder of class.

Like Maung Soe Thin, I have deliberately disobeyed many times. Praise God for His still, small voice that brings me to confess my wrong and ask forgiveness. In Matthew 12:31, Jesus promises that He is willing to forgive all our sins; however, as long as we ignore the Holy Spirit and refuse to confess, He can’t forgive us!

Maung Soe Thin’s offense probably didn’t change his life forever; but our refusal to listen to the Holy Spirit’s pleadings could cost us dearly. Let’s heed Him today!

Your friend,

P.S. Since I’ve been back in America, Maung Soe Thin has experienced a transformation. He has gone from being one of the naughtiest boys at the school, to one of the best! His faith is strong, and he has gone to great lengths to take the good news of the gospel to his people back in Burma. He loves the Lord, and gladly tells others of what Christ has done for him. Pray for Maung Soe Thin and the other students at Sunshine Orchard who are learning—and telling others—about the love of Jesus.

From Young Disciple magazine, Volume 23, Number 25.

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