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Of All the Week the Best – Bible Chains

The answers to the clues below form a chain. Each answer begins with the last letter of the previous answer. Beginning with the first clue,  go around the circle, giving each person a chance to answer or pass. If no one answers correctly, give the Bible reference. When you are finished, divide into groups to make new Bible chains.

Choose a theme song!

Hey, guess what? We’re choosing theme songs for YD Camp . . . because in just a few weeks we'll be singing them with you! Exciting, isn’t it? 

YD Campers and staff have shared many great ideas with us each year. Now we’d like to hear your theme song suggestions. Submissions may be Scripture songs, hymns, or other songs, and should correlate (if possible) with our theme texts which are Psalm 1 and 2 Peter 1:1-10. So, comment below and let us know your suggestions! 

By the way, have you checked out our Construction Cam lately? The roof is up on the girls' showerhouse and the shingles are being put on as I type. Watch it happen!

The Footman, Part 2

by Charles Jones with Hannah More

What’s happening: Charles grows up in a peasant cottage with industrious parents. His mother teaches him the importance of prayer and upright living. At 14, he begins work as a live-in servant for the village parson, where he learns the value of honesty, diligence, and refraining from gossiping and gambling. When he is 21, the parson arranges for him to move to London to work for a wealthier man. Before sending him off, he gives Charles a Bible and counsels him to read it often.

After a long journey, I found myself in the great and dangerous city of London. But even though the city abounded with shocking perils and temptations, life at my new master’s home seemed smooth and pleasant. We servants were supplied with comfortable quarters and plenty of good food; and we were not in the least overworked.

At first, I got along very well with the 12 other servants in the household, but things soon became more difficult. 

Those Juniors, Part 2: Secret of Power

by Eric B. Hare

Last week: Although the secrets of the mind—how we think, reason, learn, and remember—are often taught in complicated, technical terminology, they can be taught simply, and provide a powerful tool to parents and teachers who are seeking to lead their juniors to Christ.

One afternoon a man found himself responsible for the care of his little six-year-old daughter. Trying to figure out a way to keep her busy while he enjoyed an hour of undisturbed quiet, he tore a picture of the map of the world from his paper, cut it into a number of odd-shaped pieces, and handed it to her, saying, “Here you are, my dear; see if you can put the world together again.”

Welcome to the YD blog!

It's been in the works behind the scenes, and now we have the thrill of releasing it: the all new YD blog! On these pages you'll find resources for students and teachers, young people and parents, story lovers and Bible memorizers and YD fans of all ages and types.

We're brimming with ideas of what to post here: stories from YD magazine, staff interviews and bios, YD news updates, hints and tips from Sabbath School teachers, weekly memory verse reminders, Sabbath activities, guests posts from foreign missionaries, quizzes, Q&A, Creative Corner, youth-authored articles . . . our imaginations feel free and unbounded.

But guess what? What we really want to know is what you'd like to read.

In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

It was strange how the two of us became rivals, but that’s what jealousy will do. “Nick” topped our first-grade class in athletics; I held the highest grades. Nick had the esteem of our classmates; I tended to be the teacher’s favorite. Nick was far more popular than I, but he must have thought I stood in his way, somehow.

When I was honored as “student of the month,” the teachers gave me a helium balloon. They tied it up in a plastic bag to keep it safe on my school bus ride; but near the end of the route, Nick persuaded . . .

Triumph & Tragedy: The Gospel in Paris

Stories from the French Reformation, Part 20
by J. A. Wylie with Janet Evert

What’s happening: Although French King Francis I does not totally oppose the Reformation, he allows enemies of Protestantism to hold powerful positions in France. These ruthless men send many Protestants to the stake, including Louis de Berquin in 1529. After seeing a martyr offer his life for his faith, John Calvin abandons his plans to become a priest and joins the Reformation. In 1532, Calvin begins sharing the gospel in Paris. Meanwhile, King Francis I plots against Charles V of Spain.

The day Louis de Berquin died was a terrible one for Margaret, Queen of Navarre and sister of King Francis. As she thought of the noble knight on the martyr’s pile, Margaret’s heart overflowed with sorrow. Who would be next? If only her brother would take a firm stand for the gospel!

From Our Inbox

Here's a secret too-long kept: We love hearing from you! (Of course, it shouldn't be a secret, since we say so in every YD magazine; but we know the print in that column on page 23 is really rather small.) But it's true: No matter what you have to say, we'd like to hear it. Sometimes, we get mail we think other young disciples might like to read, too. For example, a couple of months ago, we received this letter:
 Hi Young Disciple magazine!
I am not trying to complain, but your articles about TV are getting annoying. I know you're working hard writing articles, but you guys have had so many of these.