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Those Juniors, Part 33: Powerful Patterns, #2

by Eric B. Hare

Last segment: Patterns of how to reach the juniors and keep their interest and get them excited about Sabbath school.

“Are You Telling Me?” Game 
Following the pattern of the very familiar “Are you telling me?” games, we write the questions for the lesson on cards or pieces of paper about 3 by 4 inches. The cards are turned face down in the center of the group on a table or a stool. The first boy draws a card. If he can answer it correctly, he keeps it. If not, he passes it to the next boy, who keeps it if he can answer it, or passes it on. If no one can answer it, the teacher answers it and places it at the bottom of the center pile so that the students have another chance at it.

This plan requires a great deal of preparation, but, used occasionally, it never fails to produce interest. Here is a sample of some questions on the lesson “Our Eden Home.”