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Of All the Week the Best: Little Things

Preparation: For this activity, each person will need a pencil, paper, and magnifying glass.

Action: After prayer, instruct each person to go out into nature—and think small. Many of the most beautiful patterns and designs in nature are very, very small. What does the inside of a flower look like under a magnifying glass? How about an ant? Moss? The bark on a tree?

If you have a microscope, you might want to use it to observe things that are even smaller: pollen, an insect wing, or even pond water.

Application: When God created this world, He gave amazing attention to detail. As you discover some of the beauties of thinking small, draw what you find. Later, share your discoveries with the whole group. Then read and discuss this quote: “Faithfulness in little things should characterize the life. . . . Little deeds of charity, little words of kindness, little acts of self-denial, a wise improvement of little opportunities, a diligent cultivation of little talents, make great men in God’s sight. If these little things are faithfully attended to, if these graces are in you and abound, they will make you perfect in every good work” (The Youth’s Instructor, April 21, 1898).

Now have a song service focusing on little things. (Song choices could include "This Little Light of Mine," "Less of Me," "Jesus Loves the Little Children," etc.)

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