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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

My dog, Kodiak, bounded with energy—much more than most dogs of his size. With his big shepherd frame, he would leap for joy when I came home from work, thumping my shoulders with his fuzzy front paws. He loved running—especially chasing—and he never let me forget when it was time for our walk.

But when Kodiak met Gonzo, my parents’ younger, smaller dog, he wanted nothing to do with the pup’s unlimited, irrational energy. Gonzo chewed, tugged, wrestled, and ambushed—while Kodiak preferred more mature play. Gonzo couldn’t be deterred with Kodiak’s growls; so after about a half hour of his pestering, Kodiak jumped into the backseat of my car and stayed there for the rest of the evening.

The next day we took off backpacking, leaving the car far behind. Trail-seasoned Kodiak led the way while Gonzo lagged behind, fighting his backpack. By the second day, however, Gonzo learned the program and began chasing after Kodiak on the wide, spreading mountainsides. After a day of adventures, they explored camp together. Kodiak even stooped to play Gonzo’s games.

If Kodiak had kept spurning Gonzo, he would have missed hours of doggy fun. You and I lose out, too, when we spurn God, refusing to yield ourselves to Him and let Him work His will in our lives. His ways are far better than anything we could devise—and yet we often hold back, afraid to give Him full control.

Nothing could be a more tragic mistake! Instead, let’s give in to His will and experience His path of joy.

Hiking heavenward,

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