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Bethany's Revolution

by Lora Clement
Art by Heidi Reinecke

"I’ve made a revolution!” Bethany Ross stationed herself in the middle of the living room to make her announcement.

“A revolution?” her brother Jared teased. “Isn’t it a little odd to start a revolution on New Year’s Day?”

Bethany tossed her head. “No, it’s the best day! I made a revolution to read my Bible every single day this whole year, and never miss once!”

“That’s a good resolution, little sister,” Ingrid smiled.

“But there’s more to my revolution than just reading the Bible,” Bethany continued. “I’m going to study the words I don’t understand. And I’m going to learn a Bible verse every day!”

Jared whistled.

Mother drew Bethany onto the couch next to her. “What made you think of making such a revolution?”

“Well—it was because of my dream.”

“Tell us about it,” Daddy urged.

Bethany snuggled next to Mother. “Well, last night I was going to stay awake until the new year, but it was so hard not to go to sleep. I decided to read a story out of the new book Auntie Ruth sent me. And the one I picked out was about a mission school in China. It was a school for blind girls.” Bethany opened her brown eyes wide with wonder. “Mommy, do you know, those girls learn whole chapters of the Bible by heart? And one of them can even repeat the whole book of John without a single mistake! I wondered how much of it I could repeat, and all I could remember was one verse—John 3:16.”

Bethany shook her head. “I guess I must have gone to sleep about then, because the next thing I knew I was in some strange country. I couldn’t see anybody, but I heard someone say, ‘The Christian girl is coming.’

“Another person asked, ‘The one who has her very own Bible?’

“The first one answered, ‘Yes. That’s the one.’

“Someone else said, ‘I wish I knew as much as she does,’ and then they all said , ‘Let’s go and see this wonderful girl.’”

Bethany shuddered. “Then all at once I stood alone on a high platform. In front of me there were thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS of boys and girls—Japanese, Indian, African, European, and many others. Oh, Mommy and Daddy, it was terrible. They all looked at me, and I couldn’t think of anything to say to them. I knew they wanted me to tell them about God and salvation, but I was so scared! Then a Chinese girl stepped out from the crowd and called to me.  She said, ‘Tell me, sweet sister, how can we find our way to God’s Kingdom? We do not know, but you have a Bible. Oh, please tell us, before it is too late. Show us from God’s holy Word.’”

Bethany’s eyes filled with tears. “I could not show them. I was so ashamed I could hardly breathe. The children kept staring at me. Finally they said to each other, ‘There must be some mistake. This can’t be the girl who has her very own Bible.’

“Then Jesus was there. He looked at me with such sad eyes. He said, ‘Bethany, search the Scriptures.’ He told me that I must know the Bible for myself.

“I turned and saw all those thousands and thousands of children still standing there. But now each one held an open Bible. Every Bible had a light. I picked up my Bible, but it didn’t shine at all. It was closed and dark.

“And then I woke up. It was five minutes before midnight. I got right out of bed and read Genesis 1. And then I made my revolution!”

Daddy’s eyes were suspiciously moist. “That’s the best revolution I’ve heard of yet. In fact, I believe it could start a spiritual revolution in our home. What do you say, kids? How about it Mother? Shall we join the revolutionary forces?”

“Yes!” Jared agreed. “Let’s have a real family revolution!"

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