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Those Juniors, Part 33: Powerful Patterns, #2

by Eric B. Hare

Last segment: Patterns of how to reach the juniors and keep their interest and get them excited about Sabbath school.

“Are You Telling Me?” Game 
Following the pattern of the very familiar “Are you telling me?” games, we write the questions for the lesson on cards or pieces of paper about 3 by 4 inches. The cards are turned face down in the center of the group on a table or a stool. The first boy draws a card. If he can answer it correctly, he keeps it. If not, he passes it to the next boy, who keeps it if he can answer it, or passes it on. If no one can answer it, the teacher answers it and places it at the bottom of the center pile so that the students have another chance at it.

This plan requires a great deal of preparation, but, used occasionally, it never fails to produce interest. Here is a sample of some questions on the lesson “Our Eden Home.”

1. How many books are there in the New Testament?

2. How many books are there in the Old Testament?

3. Who wrote the first five books of the Bible?

4. What is the first story told in Genesis?

5. What special place did God provide as a home for Adam and Eve?

6. What was in the Garden of Eden?

7. What was Adam’s work in Eden?

8. How was the ground watered?

9. Name the four rivers in Eden.

10. What was Adam’s official position in Eden?

11. What was brought before Adam for him to name? Why did not God name them Himself?

12. Why was Eve created?

13. Tell the process in the creation of Eve.

14. What does the word “woman” mean?

15. Name some of the trees Adam and Eve could eat of.

16. Name the tree which Adam and Eve were forbidden to touch.

17. What warning did the angels give to Adam and Eve?

18. Why did Satan choose the serpent as his medium?

19. Give the conversation between Eve and the serpent.

20. Whom did Eve finally obey?

21. When God came to walk with them in the evening, how did Adam and Eve try to hide?

22. Give the conversation between God and Adam when he was trying to hide.

23. What difference was there in the physical appearance of Adam and Eve after they had sinned?

24. Whom did Adam blame for all the trouble?

25. Whom did Eve blame for all the trouble?

26. What curse did God pronounce upon the serpent?

27. What great promise was given to Eve in her hour of sorrow?

28. Give the results of the curse on the garden, on the plants, and on Adam himself.

29. What does the name “Eve” mean?

30. Why was it necessary to bar Adam and Eve from the tree of life?

31. What part of the curse of Adam do we feel?

32. What is the difference between a test and a temptation?

33. What would you call a man who blamed someone else for the wrong he had done?

34. Does what we juniors call keeping “a level eye” describe Adam when he was naming the animals, or when he was sewing the fig leaves together?

35. Name some of the things we can overcome to “keep a level eye.”

36. What are the wages of sin?

37. What is the gift of God?

38. Repeat the memory verse—Romans 6:23.

Bible Acrostic
Write down the words called for from the lesson on 2 Samuel 12, and by reading the first letters downward, see whom you find and tell what he did.

1. Verse 3—what the poor man had. (NOTHING.)

2. Verse 7—what God did to David to make him king. (ANOINT.)

3. Verse 4—who came to visit the rich man? (TRAVELER.)

4. Verse 2—the second thing the rich man had many of. (HERDS.)

5. Verse 5—something of David’s that was greatly kindled. (ANGER.)

6. Verse 3—what the poor man did to his little lamb. (NOURISHED.)

Presession Shock Absorbers
To awaken the interest and assist in controlling the effervescence of those who come five or ten minutes early to Sabbath school, try some of these streamlined presession shock absorbers. They take time to prepare. They demand that the leader be the first one in Sabbath school, and require that a stock of paper and pencils be kept on hand. But they pay.

Imagine the surprise and the pleasure juniors would have if they came into Sabbath school to find this on the board.

Can You Read This?

Once they catch on and learn to read it by standing with their backs to the board and looking at it in a mirror, it will be very easy.

Reading Problems
Here is an assortment of little problems that will occupy three or four minutes each:

How many times does the word LOVE appear in 1 Corinthians 13?

How many times does the name GOD appear in the book of Esther?

Which has the most words, the second or the fourth commandment?

How many verses can you find in five minutes with the word “Sabbath” in them?

Write an alphabet of people in the New Testament. Write an alphabet of places in the New Testament.

Memory Verses in Code
Anything that looks mysterious will captivate juniors. Try this memory verse in code.

CODE: The number of the letter in the alphabet is used in the place of the letter.


VERSE: 9,6. 20,8,15,21. 20,21,18,14. 1,23,1,25. 20,8,25. 6,15,15,20. 6,18,15,13. 20,8,5. 19,1,2,2,1,20,8. 6,18,15,13. 4,15,9,14,7. 20,8,25. 16,12,5,1,19,21,18,5. 15,14. 13,25. 8,15,12,25. 4,1,25. 5,20,3.

Here is another:



Here is one I found in the Michigan Sabbath School bulletin:

The more mysterious it looks, the better. You will find that the children will be delighted if you will let them invent a code and bring in a verse for deciphering.

Bible Arithmetic
“How Old Was Methuselah?

“Find the number of disciples that Jesus sent out two by two. (Luke 10:1.)

“Multiply by the number of days Jesus fasted. (Matt. 4:2.)

“Subtract the number of Gideon’s men who drank from their hands at the brook. (Judges 7:6.)

“Subtract the number Gideon put in each of his three companies.

“Divide by the number of times Jesus was tempted in the wilderness.

“Add the total number of psalms. “Add the age of Jesus when He began to preach. “Subtract the number of faithful disciples among the twelve.

“How old was Methuselah? (Gen. 5:27.)”*

Jumbled Names and Verses
Who are these kings? Can you unscramble their names?

AABCDEEHNNRUZZ (Nebuchadnezzar)

LO MOONS (Solomon)

SURE HASA U (Ahasuerus)

Can you unscramble these parables?

GETNIVSNIR (Ten Virgins)

LASNETT (Talents)

A WET SAND HEART (Tares and Wheat)

STING HEN IF (Fishing Net)

Can you unscramble this verse? The words are in the right order, but the spaces all got lost, and the letters to each word all got mixed up.

(To obey is better than sacrifice)

Draw them in!
There is an old story told of Ralph Waldo Emerson, who, with his son, one day was trying to get a calf into the barn. Mr. Emerson pushed and his son pulled, but the calf didn’t want to go. They pushed and pushed, and pulled and pulled, but the more they pushed and the more they pulled, the more stubborn became the calf and the stiffer became its legs. Finally the Irish housemaid saw their difficulty. Now she knew nothing about writing books, but she did understand calves. She went over, put her finger in the calf’s mouth, and said, “Come on, sookie-sookie-sookie.” That was just what the calf wanted. And as it sucked eagerly on the girl’s finger, she backed up into the barn.

Is anyone having difficulty trying to push or pull boys and girls into Sabbath School or church or Adventist  Youth meeting? Let us take a hint from the Irish housemaid, dip our fingers into some of these delicious streamlined ideas and watch the juniors walk right in.

(Next week: “The Art of Application.”)

* Mildred Olive Honors, Bible Quizzes, p. 34. Used by permission.

Copyright © 1973 by Eric B. Hare. Used by permission

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