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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

The report had to be submitted the next the morning, and 100 pages still needed to be entered. Mr. Halfax wasn’t worried. He knew that his three secretaries could easily do that in half a day.

When his secretaries arrived in the office, they chatted for nearly half an hour. They finally got to work, but it wasn’t long before one got sidetracked on a website. Another broke a fingernail and decided to redo all her nails. Meanwhile, the third secretary took a long phone call from a friend.

After lunch, Mr. Halfax checked on their progress. Only about one quarter of the pages had been entered! Alarmed, he called in three additional secretaries. They were a bit more industrious. Still, they seemed to find ways to waste a lot of time.

By 4 PM, only 75% of the work was done, and everyone was talking about what they would do when they left work at 5:30. In desperation, Mr. Halfax put in an urgent call to the temporary employment agency. Within a half hour, several ladies showed up.

Mr. Halfax was very pleased with these last helpers. They actually worked hard! By 5:30 the work was done. The first group had worked eight hours, the second four hours, and the last group only an hour. But they’d each done about the same amount of work.

If Mr. Halfax represents Christ in this little parable, where do you fit in? Would Jesus be happy about your work for Him—or are you wasting time and not getting much done?

The harder we work, the sooner the job will be finished. Time’s going by—let’s get busy!

God bless,

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