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In Touch

Casey and I near the end of the "Glacier Trail."
Dear Young Disciples,

Last summer, my husband and I took a wonderful hiking trip to Wyoming. Glorious—that’s the only word for those mountains, waterfalls, glaciers, and hot springs. Even though I’d seen much of it before, the scenery stunned and enraptured me.

Yet even while surrounded by natural wonders, I kept feeling drawn to the signs of life: green meadows decorated with flowers, chattering chipmunks, singing birds.

One evening at sunset, three elk trotted into the valley below. The two younger ones frolicked while the mother kept watch—and when she signaled, all three splashed across the river and bounded into the woods.

The next morning, a family of ducks paddled up the river. Mother duck kept count of the little ones and quacked at any who strayed too far away. Even when they went ashore, she kept them in close view.

A day or two down the trail, we watched bighorn sheep scrambling over high cliffs. Each young one followed its mother closely, imitating her jumps and maneuvers. In Yellowstone, baby bison grazed near their mothers, and little spotted fawns scampered after a doe.

Baby animals know to stick close to their teacher and protector; and mother animals keep track of each little one, no matter how big the flock. In the same way, our Good Shepherd knows us each by name—and He misses us when stray. With love, He calls us back to His side—the only place of safety.

Are you as smart as a baby animal? In other words, are you willing to follow?

Hiking heavenward,

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