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Unmistakable Beauty

I’d never seen this woman before, but when she walked into the sanctuary one Sabbath morning, right
away I knew I liked her. Silver hair gently framed her aging face, and her simple clothes had clearly seen better days. Even so, she radiated an unmistakable beauty. Her soft steps spoke of confidence and grace, and everything about her sparkled with warmth and friendliness. When I finally got a chance to speak with her, it seemed like we would never run out of things to talk about!

Later that day, I thought about my encounter with this lovely woman. I decided that after being with her, I had a better idea of what it must be like to spend time with Jesus. Then I began to wonder if anyone ever felt the same way after spending time in my presence—but it didn’t take me long to think of many situations where I had not been like Jesus at all! Unkind words and self-centered actions seemed to characterize my life; but now, a new desire surged in my heart. I wanted others to see Jesus in me.

No matter how much I desire a real change, I can’t make it happen on my own. However, I can choose to bask in Christ’s presence and behold His loveliness every day. As I do that, He has promised to make something beautiful out of my life.

I want Jesus to light up my life with His glorious presence!

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