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Whitewater Rafting

I’d always wanted to try white water rafting, so I jumped at the opportunity to raft down the Salmon River in Idaho. Before we started, the guide warned that we’d encounter several rapids, but he assured us that he would get us through.

For some time after we pushed off, we floated gently down the river, enjoying the scenery and companionship. Suddenly our guide leaned forward. “Rapids just around the bend,” he called out. “Hold tight, and you’ll be fine.”

Moments later, the placid river turned into a foaming torrent. It took all my strength just to hold on, especially when the raft folded nearly in half as we slapped over a turbulent chute. My heart pounding with apprehension, I eyed a large rock jutting out of the midst of the river. Should I jump for it? I glanced at the guide, cutting through the water with clear, expert strokes, his eyes intent on the river ahead. In that moment, I knew my only safety was to stay with the guide. And, just as he had promised, he took us through without mishap.

When we arrived at the next set of rapids, I wasn’t nearly as nervous. We had an experienced guide, and I knew everything would be all right.

That expedition down the Salmon River reminds me of my Christian experience. Sometimes I encounter hard times—those uncomfortable rapids of life. At such times I can try to jump out and handle it on my own, or I can stick with the Guide.

There’s only one good option. I’m going to stay with the Guide. After all, He’s been there before me, and He knows what to do!

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