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Of Trains and Thirst

I’ve always been fascinated by model trains, and my husband grew up wishing he had a model train layout. So, when Tony was still a baby, we began making plans to someday construct an HO-scale model railroad for him.

At last, when Tony was about five years old, we decided he was ready for the train. We cleared out half the playroom and set up a huge train table. We laid down several loops of track, and added scenery: mountains, meadows, bridges, roads, buildings, trees, people, and vehicles. Finally, we connected the engine to the cars, set them on the tracks, and turned the switch. The little train worked perfectly!

When all was ready, we called Tony and unveiled the surprise. At first he was delighted, but soon it became clear that he was simply too young to be able to take care of such an elaborate and delicate plaything. By the time he was old enough to properly appreciate model trains, he had lost interest. We sold the whole setup to someone for $100.

This experience was an expensive lesson in the importance of really wanting something before we get it. I’m glad that our all-wise God lets us hunger and thirst for His blessings before He showers them down upon us!

Are you thirsty yet?

Your friend,

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