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Of All the Week the Best – Bible Lineup

Can you repeat all the books of the Bible? Can your friends say them in order? Chances are, your answer is “no” to at least one of these questions. If so, this activity is an enjoyable way to fix them in the memory.
To prepare, obtain 33 index cards. Cut each card in half. Using a fine-tipped black marker, write the name of a Bible book on each card. Set aside Genesis, Matthew, and Revelation, then thoroughly shuffle the rest of the card.

For your Sabbath afternoon activity, distribute the cards evenly to each participant. Each should keep his cards in the order given. Find an open space on the floor that is about 20 feet long. Place Genesis at the far left, Matthew about 12 feet to the right of Genesis, and Revelation at the far right. Ask someone to place his top card about where he thinks it belongs on the line. Then let the next person place his top card, and so on. As each one places his card, he may arrange the ones that are already down, if necessary.

When all the cards are placed, repeat the books of the Bible together.

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