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Welcome to the YD blog!

It's been in the works behind the scenes, and now we have the thrill of releasing it: the all new YD blog! On these pages you'll find resources for students and teachers, young people and parents, story lovers and Bible memorizers and YD fans of all ages and types.

We're brimming with ideas of what to post here: stories from YD magazine, staff interviews and bios, YD news updates, hints and tips from Sabbath School teachers, weekly memory verse reminders, Sabbath activities, guests posts from foreign missionaries, quizzes, Q&A, Creative Corner, youth-authored articles . . . our imaginations feel free and unbounded.

But guess what? What we really want to know is what you'd like to read.

We think we know, or course, because people keep subscribing to Young Disciple magazine, the YD Bible lesson quarterly, and all the teacher's resources that go along with them. On this blog, we're definitely interested in providing all our subscribers with easy-to-access, helpful online content. But as we launch our blog, we'd like to give you a voice in its formation.

These features are for sure:

  • Weekly stories
  • Weekly memory verse reminders
  • Weekly chapters from Those Juniors, by Eric B. Hare (used by permission)
  • News updates
  • Pictures
  • Staff posts
  • Guest contributions (especially from young people!)
  • Reader interaction

What else would you like to see? What topics would you like to have addressed? Leave us a comment. Let us know if you're a young disciple or or one of their teachers, and tell us how we can serve you!

P.S. The blog works great on your mobile device, too!

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