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Canoeing Day!

Last Thursday, the YD Staff took a little excursion out on the lake during our lunch hour.

The kids came along and helped carry the paddles.
(Pictured: Genesis and Caleb Evert)

Janet Evert and Caleb Evert in kayaks, with "Grandma" Phyllis Potts and Will Evert in the canoe beyond.
Our beautiful view!

Tony Evert's family: Tony, Christian, Genesis, Sylvia, and Hannah. (Baby Bethany is on Mom's lap.)

Heidi stretches her out. feet So nice to relax!

In this world, all good things must come to an end. Kezzia Keener and Tony Evert pull the canoe up onto shore.
Soon our lake will ring with the laughter of dozens of campers. See you there!
All photos by Heidi Reinecke.

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