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Piece of Summer

Bring a piece of summer to someone shut indoors! This creative activity will be fun for you and a blessing to others.

Materials needed: Unlined paper and some old crayons or colored pencils. Optional: Large books or other hard surfaces to write on. Ask participants to bring Bibles.

Preparation: Ideally, find a place outside with trees and picnic tables nearby to host the activity.

Activity: Go outside and pick several leaves. They should be different sizes and shapes and should have large, healthy veins. When you’ve gathered the nicest ones you can find, arrange a few in a pattern underneath a sheet of paper. Now rub a crayon or pencil on the paper over the leaves. You will make some beautiful designs! (Try using several different colors on one sheet for an artistic effect.)

After you have made a few leaf rubbings, add encouraging Bible verses and cheery messages to each. When you have made several, go to a nearby hospital or rest home. Show them to a receptionist or nurse and ask where they are needed the most. If you are allowed to deliver them yourself, you may want to sing and pray with the people you visit. Remember, this is how Jesus ministered during the time He lived on the Earth, and He has promised to be with you as you follow His example!

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