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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

The advertisement in the back of the magazine read, “One hundred dolls for $1!” I was intrigued. I loved playing with dolls, but I had only a few. Imagine possessing 100 of them!

My 8-year-old heart thrilled at the thought of the fun I could have with 100 dolls. As soon as I could scrape up a dollar, I sent off my order—and then waited impatiently for the dolls to arrive. I wondered how they would be delivered. Would they arrive in one huge carton—or would they be shipped in many smaller boxes?

Six weeks later, a small box arrived from the 100 Doll Company. I wondered what it could be—maybe doll shoes or some other accessory. I tore it open and found dozens of tiny pink plastic figurines. Most of them were adult figures in strange-looking dances, and I could hardly bear to look at them. When I realized that these were my “one hundred dolls,” I cried.

Since that time, I have been disappointed many times. I have had to learn that things in this world are often not as great as they sound. But God’s promises are different. In fact, “Eye hath not seen, . . . neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love Him” (1 Corinthians 2:9).

To claim God’s wonderful promises, we don’t have to spend even a dollar. Every promise of God is just a prayer away.

Someday soon we won’t need to pray anymore, but until then, let’s make the most of this fabulous privilege.

Your friend,

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