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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

I had my misgivings about climbing up into the small attic, although two of my friends already sat aloft. The boys had made it look easy, and now Alyssa wanted to attempt it. But I had a skirt on, and there wasn’t even a ladder. I doubted the climb would be simple.

“Here.” James reached down. “Alyssa, you grab my hand; and Heidi, you lift her up.”

In a moment, Alyssa peered at me from her perch in the attic. “Wow! That was awesome!”

James grinned. “Now it’s Heidi’s turn!”

“No way,” I argued. “I’m too heavy for you and I can’t climb up there myself.” I grabbed the edge of the attic floor overhead and lifted myself a short distance before dropping back to the ground. “See? I can’t do it.”

“Let me help you.” James reached for my hand. With a great heave, he pulled me up into the attic. I could hardly believe he’d lifted me so far!

That experience reminds me of the many times I have come up against obstacles that look impossible to surmount. Too often, instead of admitting I can’t do it and asking for help, I grit my teeth and try to force my way in.

When I try to conquer difficulties on my own, I always fail. However, when I admit my need and ask for help, my heavenly Friend reaches down and lifts me up to Himself. In His strength, I can conquer every obstacle preventing me from consistent victory.

How silly I would be to refuse His power!

Your friend,

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