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Granite Shield

The day had been spectacular, with gorgeous views and excellent weather. But my feet ached, and my stomach growled. Rest sounded fabulous!

Cresting the hill, we laid our eyes on our destination: Pear Lake. A dozen neon tents dotted its banks, and shouts from their owners polluted the tranquility. Should we press on in hopes of a more peaceful campsite? The next lake was a mile further. Besides, my dad reminded, it could be just as crowded.

We decided to stake our claim here—but it seemed that every plot of dry, level ground was already taken. We plodded down the rocky trail, fearing we would have to hike on.

Then we found it: A private campsite nestled behind a high wall of granite. A lush meadow with a giggling brook beckoned us, and a small fire ring gave the place a cozy feel. We sank onto the cushy grass, thankful to be home for the night. That’s when we realized that the rock wall shielded us from our neighbors’ racket!

I thought of Psalm 91:1, “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.” Just as the granite wall quieted the campground clatter, our private prayers with God muffle the distractions of the world. His presence brings us peace!

It works best if we have a place to be alone, and spend plenty of time praying there. Try it! Your quiet place in God’s shadow will soon become your cherished haven.

Hiking heavenward,

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