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by Adele R. Dewey

Did you ever stop to think about
This place we call the earth,
And why you’ve never left it
Since the moment of your birth?
And how the folks in other worlds
Can all go out and in,
While you’re restricted to this earth?
You’re quarantined for sin!

God put up the quarantine
With a bright and flaming sword,
When the Father sent our parents
From the Garden of the Lord.
But His heart was moved with pity
As He saw our sad estate,
And the world that He had quarantined,
He moved near Heaven’s gate.

Then He sent the Great Physician
To our world to save the lost,
And reveal the love of God to man.
He did not count the cost
Too great to pay; but gave His life
A ransom full and free,
So He could lift the quarantine
That’s over you and me.

In the glad day before us
When He comes to claim His own,
He will take the purified
Right to His Father’s throne.
With the quarantine now lifted,
We may all go out and in,
And tell how He redeemed us
From the quarantine of sin!

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