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Blue Ski Slopes

As the chair lift reached the top, my skis touched the packed snow. I glided away, but soon found myself sprawled on the ground after an unexpected bump.

Standing up again, I skied over to the top of the slope and groaned. The easy slopes, marked with green signs, had been my friends, but making it down this blue-signed intermediate slope didn’t seem possible. I turned to Jessica. “I can’t ski this. It’s too steep.”

She didn’t hesitate. “Yes, you can.”

I frowned and looked down the slope, incredulous.

“You’re ready, Kezzia. You were flying down the green just a few minutes ago.”

I remembered the first time I went skiing. We had overestimated my capabilities, and I ended up walking down the slope. “Yes, but . . .”

“You can do it.” Jessica’s eyes held confidence. I glanced back at the hill, then back at her; and my trembling stilled. I trusted her—and if she believed I could do this, then I believed also. Digging my poles in, I started down.

I fell often on my way down the steep hill, but I didn’t mind. Through trusting and believing, my fear and doubts had disappeared. Even with the falls, the hill didn’t seem so challenging. I actually enjoyed it.

I’ve long struggled with fear and doubt, but I’m learning that they aren’t invincible. When I believe that God believes in who I can be, then I can believe in His dreams and trust Him with my life. There is no reason to fear the tests ahead. He will keep me!

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