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Crazy Attack

Footsore and weary, I eased onto the log situated close to the fire circle, enjoying a lovely view of the lake. What a welcome place to spend the evening!

Just then my parents’ dog lunged for one of the stones in the fire ring. Growling, Ellie snapped at the rock, then kicked it away and chased after it. With a great pounce, she stopped its roll and continued attacking. Even when my parents scolded her to stop, the dog kept biting and growling. The way she lit into it, I could almost have believed her prey was alive!

Watching, I wondered what made this friendly Border collie so ferocious toward a harmless stone. Did the rock smell like a dangerous animal, or perhaps a savory meal? Why didn’t Ellie attack any of the other rocks in the fire pit? When it didn’t fight back, couldn’t she tell that the stone wasn’t actually a threat?

Suddenly I realized that we humans make the same sort of illogical attacks. Far too often, we assault innocent people with criticism, gossip, resentment, and bitterness, just because they did something we didn’t appreciate. If you think about it, though, our condemnation and criticisms make about as little sense as attacking a rock. The difference is that our judging can hurt many people!

It’s no wonder that Jesus spoke strongly against judging. As you study this subject, I hope you’ll let God convict your heart—and submit to any changes He may ask you to make.

Pressing upward,

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