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Beware of Wolves

Marie and I became friends before I can remember—our families were just that close. Growing up, we spent countless happy hours playing. As we matured, she and I began discussing deep issues: our dreams for the future, politics, relationships, religion—almost everything. I trusted Marie’s opinions. After all, we had the same religious faith. But during our teens I noticed Marie’s values changing. It started subtly, with remarks that she didn’t see any point to certain principles our parents had raised us to keep. Puzzled, I studied the issues myself and brought Marie the evidence. She would shrug, and I could tell she wasn’t convinced. Did she not believe the written Word—or was I somehow wrong?

Before long, Marie started changing her music, clothing, entertainment, and so on. At times, our visits together felt awkward, because of our diverging convictions. Sometimes, I would give in and watch a video with her or try on her clothes. Then I’d go home and review the counsels she’d disregarded—and I’d be convicted afresh. Soon I realized I had to make a choice: to stand for God’s Word no matter what my friend thought, or to go along with her and hope she was right.
I’m glad God helped me stick to His Word. If I hadn’t, I might not be an Adventist today—Marie isn’t.

Jesus warned us to beware of any person or idea, no matter how trusted, that would lead us away from following His instructions. Remember: Sometimes wolves come in surprising costumes!

Your friend,

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