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Build in the Rock

Ever since I could sing, “The wise man built his house upon a rock,” I’ve known that Jesus wants me to be as tightly connected to Him as a house built onto a rock. But I never quite understood how such a thing could be. It always seemed to me that a house perching on a rock would be in grave danger of falling off!

Then I visited Sorrento, a lovely Italian town built on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. As I made my way down the long stairway leading to the harbor, I stopped to admire the stately old buildings at the top of the cliff. But the more I looked, the more puzzled I became. The cliffs were obviously made up of massive pieces of rock. Just as obviously, the buildings silhouetted against the sky were most definitely made of bricks and other building materials. But somewhere in the middle, the line of distinction faded out. No matter how long I looked, I could not tell where the cliff ended and the buildings began. They were literally built into the cliff!

That’s exactly how I want my life to blend with that of my Savior. I want to be so firmly connected with Him that you’d have to destroy Him in order to get to me. Then let the storms come! When I am firmly attached to the Rock, nothing will shake me.

In His strength,

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