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Water Park Woes

Mom made it clear at the beginning of the week: If I wanted to go to the water park after camp meeting ended, I would have to keep out of trouble while we attended the meetings.

Water parks ranked high on my list of fun summer activities, and I determined to keep my end of the bargain. I paid attention to what the speakers said each day; I didn’t cause trouble while riding the trolley with my friends; and I made sure Mom knew where I was at all times.

My anticipation soared as I imagined the slides and waves I would enjoy on Sunday. But when some older friends invited me to hang out with them instead of attending the Sabbath evening meeting, Mom’s warning faded into the background. However, my pleasure at being part of the crowd soon turned to disappointment. That Sunday I found myself pulling weeds in the garden instead of floating on the lazy river.

I am not the first one to miss out because of ignoring a promise and its conditions. Before Jesus came to Earth as a baby, He told His people when He would come, how to prepare to meet Him, and the benefits they would gain by obedience. Yet, like me, most of them missed out on the rich reward of total faithfulness.

When Jesus returns to Earth again to claim His own, I want to be found faithful. On my own I’d never make it, but He’s promised to give me the help I need to be able to claim the eternal reward!

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