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More YAB members answer the question: What is your favorite Bible story—and why?

Kaitlyn: I especially like the story of Mary. It tells me that no matter how many times I sin Jesus is willing to forgive me and help me to do what is right.

DahEu: I am named after Daniel, so naturally I draw the stories about him close to my heart. I especially find it encouraging that he purposed in his heart from the very beginning that he would only follow God’s will for his life, and he never wavered!

Josué: I have so many favorite Bible stories, but among the top picks would have to be David and Goliath. God used one willing young man to do a job that not even the king of Israel dared to do. David’s unswerving faith in God during the whole story is a real challenge to me, and the final defeat of the giant is a monument to the fact that with God nothing is impossible! Therefore, the giants in our own lives will come tumbling down in God’s name!

Harmony: I love the story of Job. Even when faced with unimaginable trials and adversity, he never let go of his hold on God. I want to have a faith like that!

Matthew: My favorite Bible story is the story of Jesus’ life because of the way He showed us how to live like Him. His example shows me His character of love.

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