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New Heart

Although my friend Charlotte was still a young woman, she was dying of heart disease. Charlotte tried every medicine she could find, but she could not heal herself. Her heart was sick, and she knew she was going to die.

Charlotte told me of her desperation and her frantic visits to heart specialists. Finally a doctor held out some hope—if she could get a heart transplant, she might live. But someone would have to die in order for her to receive that heart.

Charlotte put her name on the list and waited. One day, the call came—a heart was available. Charlotte rushed to the hospital for the surgery. It was a success! But before Charlotte left the hospital, the doctor gave her a solemn warning: If she wanted her new heart to stay healthy, she would have to change her diet. She would have to exercise. She would need regular checkups. And she would need to take the medicine he prescribed.

Charlotte very willingly followed the doctor’s advice—and today she is enjoying a wonderful new life.

Charlotte’s story is full of object lessons for each of us. How many can you find? What is that old, sick heart? Who is the Master Physician? Who had to die? What is the “diet,” the “exercise,” and the “medicine” that He prescribes for each of us?

By the way, Charlotte told me that her worst enemy is her own immune system—her natural self. I can certainly relate—can’t you?

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