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Chief Navigator

Dad slowed the car as we approached the intersection while Mom looked back to where I sat with the map. “Which way do we turn?”

I traced the road with my finger. “Left.”

Dad disagreed. “I think last time we came this way I turned right.” I felt a little perturbed. Dad had designated me “chief navigator” and now he didn’t believe me. I decided to let it go. I had just learned how to read maps and I could easily have made a mistake. As we turned right, I settled back in my seat. I would soon see a famous bridge and I couldn’t wait!

A few miles later, it became obvious that we were going the wrong way. There was no bridge and the road signs indicated that we were approaching a town that wasn’t where we wanted to be. We turned around and soon reached our destination.

I’m afraid I’ve done similar things in my life—when God has given me directions. His plans for me are always perfect. He has mapped out my course and He knows every curve and bump in the road. Still, I sometimes think I have a better idea and I set off on my own way. It never works out well, and ends in wasted time, hurt feelings, and lost opportunities. How much better it is to keep my heart open and my will surrendered to His guidance! He knows the map better than I ever can, and only in following His directions can I reach my destination.

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