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In Touch

Dear Young Disciples,

Moonlight streamed from a star-studded sky, reflecting on the lake in a rippling golden band. Above the shining water, silhouetted mountains loomed large against the sky. In the quiet splendor, my friends and I eased a canoe into the lake. Only the dipping of our paddles broke the stillness, and soon we put these away and just floated on the glassy surface. I had never experienced a more silent, peaceful moment. The calm seemed to ooze right into my heart.

Then, from the shore, a loon began to sing. As its high, clear call rang through the air, it echoed off the mountains on the far side of the lake. Another loon replied, and the two sang a sublime duet.

I had heard loons before, but I’d never fully appreciated the richness of their tone, the awesomeness of their song. The silence of the night somehow made the music more melodic.

We’ve all heard the Holy Spirit speaking—through preachers, conscience, nature, and the Word. Too often, however, we don’t take time to shut out every other noise and hear Him speak to us intimately. Content with the ordinary, we miss out on His extraordinary guidance. We don’t allow His words to fill our minds, and His plans to override ours.

Receiving the Spirit’s filling takes surrender and prayer. It means shelving our own habits, thoughts, and feelings, and turning our backs on the world. Then, in our silence and emptiness, His sweet voice rings out—and we find that His presence and guidance are worth everything!

Following Him,

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