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Monument of His Power

The wilderness valley's vibrant slopes framed distant granite peaks with striking greenery—a tantalizing taste of days ahead. From our sheltered campsite, we eagerly anticipated tomorrow's views deeper into the Cascade Mountains. Most of all, we looked forward to seeing Glacier Peak, the most secluded of Washington's five massive volcanic mountains.

But the next morning, fog and drizzle blocked out all the views. The weather didn't improved much over the next couple of days. In the afternoons, the sky would clear a little, and we enjoyed glimpses of mountains nearby—but still no sight of Glacier Peak.

Our final morning, the clouds began to lift. Still, I didn't believe we'd see the mountain. Maybe it existed, but it seemed evident that it seldom emerged from the fog. What good was a mountain continually shrouded from the longing hiker's view. I convinced myself I didn't care about the old volcano.

As we hiked to a viewpoint for Glacier Peak, I looked up, fully expecting a bank of clouds. Was I ever surprised! Glacier Peak towered high above all the other mountains—a glorious monument of God's power. That one glimpse made the whole hike worthwhile!

When tough times hit us, it can seem as though life is nothing but gloom. If we don't watch out, we can get to thinking that no one cares and that nothing good ever happens to us. Yet all the time, Jesus is there—waiting for the perfect moment to lift the clouds and let us see His glorious purpose.

Trust Him—it will be worth it!

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