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YAB members, why should anyone want to be humble and meek?

Robby S: The Christian wants to be humble because he loves Jesus and wants to be like Him. Jesus humbled Himself to be like us, and continued on that path even to death on the cross. Can we persist in pride when God Himself is humble?

Lilienne S: God can use those who are humble and meek to do great things for His Kingdom. It is harder for God to use those who are prideful and self-exalted because they don’t let Him have every bit of their hearts.

Brandon P: Jesus is humble and meek—so if I want to be like Him I must follow His example.

Olivia A: It may not seem nice to be humble, but when I see Christ’s life I want to be exactly like Him. When Christ, the King of everything, is so humble, who am I not to be meek and humble too?

Josué V: Jesus showed us through His own example that meekness is the best form of greatness.

Lucinda E: Humility and meekness are character qualities that Jesus wants us to have. Examples are scattered all throughout the Bible.

Manish R: Being humble and meek is a great way to bring souls to Christ.

Jasmine P: I want to be humble and meek so that others can see Christ’s character lived out in the life of one of His followers.

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