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Staring Contest

When did you last win a staring contest? To be honest, I'm not usually successful at that game. I laugh too easily to keep my composure, while my brothers—and my husband—have a knack for keeping a straight face while creating all sorts of distractions. At the same time, they aren't bothered by any silly faces I make—if I manage to do so without cracking up, myself!

Several years ago, around a campfire, my youth group started talking about staring contests—and immediately a friend across the circle locked my gaze. Sunset had come and gone, and only the flames dancing between us lighted up the face of my opponent. Friends around us kept talking like normal, not seeming to notice the challenge, but still my antagonist stared back at me. Perhaps the darkness helped me keep my composure, for I held out long enough to be surprised at myself. Then embarrassment crept in at being so intently gazed at; and then—you guess it—bashfulness got the better of me. I looked away just long enough for my rival to declare victory.

Just as some people's stares can't be deflected, some people's peace can't be interrupted—because it comes straight from God. If you want to be like that, you'll have to give your sins and guilt to Jesus and let Him have your heart. In return, He'll fill you with His love and indomitable peace—enough to share with everyone around!

Sounds like a good deal, wouldn't you say?

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