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African Treasures

A number of years ago, our family spent a couple of years on a remote mission station in Zaire, now known as Democratic Republic of Congo. When it came time to return home, we decided to leave most of our goods in Africa. They were hardly worth taking home! However, we had acquired some valuable African curios, including an ancient copper trading piece, some malachite sculptures, and several other rare and exotic items. Carefully wrapping our treasures, we packed them in a 55-gallon drum. Then, to make sure that they wouldn’t be stolen, we welded the barrel shut and added a big lock.

After we returned home, we waited eagerly for the arrival of our valuables. But months passed, and still the drum did not come. We finally realized that we were never going to see it.

Although we were disappointed, we’ve managed just fine without our African treasures. I can’t even remember what they looked like. However, that experience was a very good reminder of how easily we can lose our earthly possessions. No matter how hard we try to secure our valuables, they can still be taken from us. In fact, we can’t be sure of keeping anything on this earth.

Thankfully, I can lay up treasure in Heaven—using God’s fail-safe plan. You can, too. I hope you’ll take the time to learn all about it in this week’s Bible lesson.

Your friend,

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