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Locked Out!

I eased our van onto the road leading to the airport. In a few minutes, I would pick up my friend, Joan. We planned to spend the night in town. The next day, we would do some heavy-duty shopping in preparation for YD Camp.

Everything went as planned. We parked and locked the van, checked into our hotel, and had a lovely evening catching up on each other’s lives. The next morning, we got up early so we could get a jump-start on the shopping list. As we neared the parking lot, I fished in my purse for the car keys, but they weren’t there. My heart gave a lurch. Could I have locked them in the van? I peered through the window, and spied them still in the ignition!

Now what? We had too much to do to wait several hours for a locksmith. Instead, I decided to try to open the door myself. Someone at the hotel gave us a coat hanger. I prayed for God’s help, and then bent the hanger and threaded it through a door frame. After a few false tries, the hooked end caught hold of the lock. A few more seconds, and the door was open!

What a blessing that we hadn’t known about the problem the night before! We would have worried and fretted, and the evening would have been nearly ruined. But when the problem was upon us, God provided the solution—quickly and easily.

A much bigger crisis looms ahead of us. I don’t know exactly what will happen, although I know those last days in this world’s history will not be easy. But I don’t need to worry and fret. Instead, I can leave the future in God’s hands. He’s fully able to take care of me, no matter what!

Your friend,

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