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Neglected Opportunities

Conversation bounced back and forth like a lively game of catch as my friend and I drove through the wide-open farmland of central Oregon. We covered everything from downhill skiing to the wonders of Australia’s outback.  

“Wait, are you sure you don’t need to tank up?” Brittany peered over at my fuel gauge. “That sign said 93 miles to the next fuel station.”  

“We’ll be fine,” I assured her as we left the small town. We had driven this stretch the day before and I was sure I had enough fuel. Besides, I didn’t feel like turning back towards the station.

Uneasiness settled in when traffic slowed to a crawl for construction. Finally, what felt like several hours later, we rolled into the next service station just as the fuel light popped on. As the fuel gurgled into my tank, I wondered why I’d been so foolish. Provision had been made and warnings given; yet I still took an unnecessary risk, far away from home and help. I simply hadn’t anticipated my need!

Sometimes my spiritual needs have suffered from the same neglect. It’s too easy to assume that yesterday’s leftover blessings will get me through today. But God has a better plan: to fill my heart with His strength each day. Then, when the way brings unexpected delays and rough spots, His blessings keep me going!

In His mercy, God makes full provision for my spiritual needs, and provides the warnings. I just have to stop and take time to be filled. From now on, I intend to do just that!

Your friend,

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