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Hidden Person

It was sort of like hide and seek. Mr. Jacobsen* would go out somewhere along the trail and hide. After 20 minutes, a group of us would try to find him. We had to stay on the trail, but he promised he would be touching the trail, regardless of where or how he hid.

We scoured the trail for an hour without ever glimpsing him. At last, in defeat, we went back to the house and slumped on the porch while Gary went off to tell him we’d given up.

However, he soon came running back. “Guys, you have to come see this! We were so blind!”

He led us out to a long straight stretch in the trail. He motioned to the side. “There he is!” We looked, but didn’t see anything. Just beside the trail sat a mossy stump, some clumps of ferns, and a pile of dirt and forest debris. Just then, a small twig sticking out of the stump began to wiggle. Mr. Jacobsen was part of the stump!

I think back on that day and laugh. But it taught me an important lesson. Sometimes, the things we’re looking for are right under our noses; and if we would just take a moment to really look, we’d have no trouble.

Two thousand years ago, when the priest dedicated baby Jesus to the Lord before the altar, he never suspected he was holding God’s Son. Many of the people who saw that ceremony longed for the Messiah to come. But because they didn’t really look, they didn’t see Him.

How often I make the same mistake! I long for Jesus to fill my heart and my life; and if I would just take the time to really look for Him, I would have all I need.

He is ready to fulfill. Will you join me in looking for Him?

*Names have been changed.

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