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Without Measure

Don’t you love doing chores around the house? Doesn’t it thrill you to realize that you are lightening your parents’ loads and making home better for your siblings?

 If you’re reading in disbelief, I can identify. By the time I was about 12 years old, I was doing a major share of the family’s cooking, cleaning, and laundry. My mom needed to put most of her time and energy into earning a living for our family, and my younger brothers hadn’t developed an appreciable work ethic. I had a rare and special opportunity to minister to my family—but I didn’t always see it as a privilege. In fact, sometimes I felt life was a little unfair.

I wish I’d understood that I was sharing in the experiences of the boy Jesus. I wish I’d realized that there’s nothing better for mind and soul than looking for ways to make others happy. I wish I could say that my life always flowed in currents of sympathy and tenderness—as Jesus’ did.

I can’t go back, of course, but I can invite Jesus to be part of my life today—to fill me with His unselfish love for those around me. I’ve nothing to lose with such a program—and all Heaven to gain!

How about you? Who today could use a kind word and helping hand from you? Are you willing to give without reserve? If so, God will surely bless you without measure!

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