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What do we see as our mission at Young Disciple Ministries? Here's our answers:

Will Evert: As a leader at Young Disciple Ministries, my goal is to live a committed Christian life and, by my example, to encourage young people to dedicate their lives to God.

Janet Evert: Above anything else, my mission at Young Disciple is to help young people find Jesus for themselves.

Rafael Kopke: My mission is to faithfully make the best use of my talents in reaching as many youth for Christ as possible. At YD I can serve the Lord in helping to prepare an army of disciples for Christ from all over the world!

Jessica Pendleton: I work at Young Disciple because I want to invest in the lives of young people and help them connect with their Maker in a meaningful and practical way, just as so many others have done for me.

Heidi Reinecke: My mission is communication. Every quarter I design the layout for many different stories and articles. Each one has a different message. It’s my job to visually convey what our writers have said, and to give their words extra power through pictures. I couldn’t have chosen a better job for myself: Jesus knew just what He was doing when He brought me here!

Ted Evert: As camp director, my mission is to provide a place where young people can gather to develop positive friendships, engage in wholesome activities, and be trained and stretched to do amazing things for God.

Kendra LeBrun: I’ve been blessed by studying YD magazine and attending YD Camp. My mission at Young Disciple is to share with other young people the same blessings I have experienced. I want others to have the opportunity to grow in a relationship with God and learn to love His Word.

Kezzia Keener: Through my work here at YD, I hope to help show a hurting world that God is love. I especially want to help young people develop a connection with Him that will last for eternity.

Tony Evert: I have realized that working for God is not just being a preacher, Bible worker, or missionary. God’s work desperately needs programmers, artists, mechanics, builders, accountants, and many other skilled workers. My mission is to use the technical skills and interests that God gave me in His service.

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