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Oblivious Scuba Diver

On one of our Mission Experience retreats, I had the privilege of scuba diving with two girls taking their very first dive. The dive instructor gave them a quick mini course in diving, and then we escorted them underwater.

The dive instructor led with “Cara.” Almost immediately he took hold of Cara’s tank to help keep her steady. I followed with “Emma,” and I soon realized I’d have to do the same for her, to keep her from shooting to the surface or rocketing to the bottom. The girls did well for their first dive, but they definitely did not have their buoyancy under control!

Back on the beach, Emma told Cara, “The dive instructor was holding onto your tank the whole time.
Too bad you weren’t able to dive on your own.” As she continued to tease her friend, it was obvious that she didn’t realize that she had needed just as much help as Cara—that someone had been holding onto her tank, as well!

It reminded me of how oblivious we can be to God’s help in our lives. We can think we are doing pretty well for ourselves, without ever stopping to realize that God’s hand is over us, keeping us steady and helping us along life’s way. In fact, although we seldom think of it, we owe every breath to God.

Hmm. When was the last time I thanked Him for all He does for me? How about you?

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